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We sleep
Under a felted grey roof
To the sound of a stranger’s laugh
And the hiss of a tired engine.
Shadows manoeuvre around the cracks of our eyes
An arrangement of light
Patterns. Continents. A universe.
Green and splotchy like a blackbird’s egg.

Paris | Spring 2015

From a trip to Paris back in the spring of 2015.

Summer in Cinque Terre | July 2015 | Contax T3

Fenton House | Canon EOS3

At the end of winter, we visited Fenton House in Hampstead and spent a while in their gardens. The sun even came out for a few minutes! Winter was long and now it’s June and my heavy coats are still being worn.

Trying to devise a plan to see the sun for more than just a few minutes. It’s going to happen. Somehow.

Paris in the Spring | Contax T3